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The 1.0 reality works on 1 paradigm: Materialism

The 2.0 reality works on 2 paradigms: “the materialism and atomic”. Atomic gave birth to energy, electricity, electronic, numeric. 100 years ago, electricity was magic… invisible and irrational!

Through the years, the scientific knowhow has been transferred to teachers, to schools, to economies and then to everyone.

The 3.0 reality works on 3 paradigms: “materialistic, atomic and quantic”

The quantic laws are powerful, stunning and sometimes disturbing… they are invisible but unfold a remarkable intelligence of very rational construction.

The creator and President of Osens is Olivier Benoit; Research Director, Senior Consultant, Lecturer and Business Development Consultant (Nike, Renault) and general radical change maker!


Olivier has worked in highly agile business environments for in excess of 35 years to shift cultural paradigms. He has worked extensively within the field of quantum physics; personally journeying physically, mentally and spiritually through meditation practice. Solidifying his professional and his meditational skills with research into the field of quantum physics, he is fundamentally driven by helping increasing the positive energy of all life and developing conscious awareness that everyone can live healthy and happy.


His work in each of these remits, formed a clear overlap through his life. He uncovered and synthesized quantum mechanics theories through his work within the field of science, fusing it with spiritual and ancient symbolisms researches. He came to connect concepts to different philosophical and spiritual paradigms about life and reality… hence the Osens technology was born.



  • 2013: Creation of the version 1 of the OSENS Technology

  • From 2014 to 2015: The products are confidentially sold without any marketing support. It is also the release of the version 2 of the disc, 10 times more powerful than version 1

  • Early 2016: Testimonials are multiplying… the efficiency of the OSENS technology is confirmed.

  • 2016: Version 3 is created. The discs are optimized again and are improving emotional and physical unbalances of its users,

  • The new discs have excellent quality, aesthetics and High-Tech manufacture.

  • 2017: The creation of a packaging, a stand, a website, and a network of distributors and re-sellers (organic shops, health shops, via the internet, and directly to like-minded communities…)

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