“The OSENS products aren’t a health product nor a medical treatment”

OSENS LIFE do not offer any diagnosis. Do not suspend any medical treatment or surgery intervention without any agreements made in prior with a doctor.


OSENS LIFE never offers to stop any medical assessment or any necessary investigations to determine or precise the cause(s) of a disease from a person interested in the OSENS products.


OSENS LIFE might, depending on the case, recommend in the interest of a demander to consult a doctor.


OSENS LIFE do not have authorization to prescribe the ingestion of any products of any type.


OSENS LIFE respects the personal and professional information of its customers and observes the greatest discretion in all circumstances.


THE OSENS discs have one mission, to re-center the beings in their existence by being in a better position to discharge emotional or physical pain.

An OSENS practitioner will not heal any minor or mentally disabled persons without the agreement of their parents or legal tutors.

In the relationship with the customer, a practitioner will always remain sober, honest and of a good will. The practitioner will not have in his discourse any lying allegations, clumsy or harmful words.


The practitioner-coach OSENS will not reflect any fake illusive discourses to his customer. We forbid ourselves to call on superstitions and won’t deliver any prevarications.

In the exercise of the practitioner, he/she will not overestimate his/her competences nor his/her possibilities to heal. Any false claims by the practitioner will guarantee the patient that the practitioner is contravening the Medical Act.

OSENS LIFE and its practitioners will have to preserve, discipline and coordinate their natural gifts, intellectual and moral qualities.


OSENS LIFE and its practitioners will have to be in conformity with the administrative legislations in the states their activity is exercised, and will have to respect the norms and statues in place.


OSENS LIFE and its practitioners-coach refuse to assimilate their work to any occult science, to confound its products and practices with the arts of divination or esoterism.

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