We are currently running 6 fundamental experiments that will take place over the next year in 4 different independent scientific laboratories. 


The reason for the independent studies is to provide hard evidence to substantiate what our customers are experiencing. 


The beautiful personal experiences of many of our 4500 customers to date, have lead us to a point where we are compelled to gather evidence. More and more therapists and practitioners are contacting us daily to describe the effectivity of the OSENS products and the unquantifiable value that they have found by using them.


Hard tangible evidence follows:

1: Experiment on bacteria (finished)

2: Experiment on the measurement of the absorption level of the DAS waves. (finished and waiting for the results)

3: Study of the organisation of blood cells exposed the OSENS products

4: In Vitro study of the mortality of blood cells exposed to the OSENS products

5: In Vitro study of scarification of epidermic cells exposed the OSENS products

6: In Vitro study of the differentiation, survival and connectivity of neuronal cells exposed to the OSENS products



November 2017, The Osens Disc was tested via the "MicrotoxO test" by an independtly owned laboratory belonging to the Professeur Bernard BERTHET


To sum, below is the experimentation and its results


  • The lab cultivated two types of bacteria:​

(a) pathogen bacteria (bad bacteria): Escherichia Coli

(b) Useful bacteria (found in the gut): Lactobacillus Plantarum

  • The same water is put in two different containers

  • The OSENS disc is put on the top of one of the two containers for 30 min

  • We therefore add in the dilution the first bacteria in both containers

  • The growth of the bacteria is measured for the next 48 hours

  • This experiment has been realized 3 times for each of the two bacterias



The results showed that there was between 19% to 28% less bacteria in the container where the disc was placed.

Let’s remember that a scientific result becomes significant from a standard deviation of 5% .


We are 4 to 5.5 times more significant than that!


However, the notion of “useful” bacteria is only valuable when put in relation with an environment. The Lactobacillus Plantarum is useful and necessary in intestines, but this “useful” notion isn’t significative in water. OSENS therefore acts without any distinctions on bacteria in water to shrink its proliferation.


LABORATOIRE EMITECH - DAS.  Measure of the absorption rate of the SAR* waves (*Specific Absorption Rate)

The SAR is measured via a 2G or 3G network with a mobile body, with and without the OSENS protection.

This Laboratory experience allowed us to demonstrate that OSENS IS NOT working as a "wave-filter". The OSENS phone protection reduces the signal by -2.7% which isn't significant.

Indeed other products offered as "wave-filters" decrease the capacity of your phone. In other words, the software in the phone recognizes a malfunction and puts the phone in higher power to receive the wave emissions. Consequently batteries can overheat, will last a shorter duration, and the reduction of the electro-magnetic waves is replaced by an increase of electric waves...


LABORATORY AXANOVA - Osens phone protection and the agglutination of blood cells whilst in communication

The OSENS protection decreases the agglutination of the blood cells (the thickening of the blood), after 10 min of communication by 40%  and by 69% after 20 minutes of communication!

The results are impressive and you can check the details on of the results on the link below!

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