The Osens technology, based on Quantic Physics:

New scientific, spiritual and philosophical paradigms



The OSENS products are made to optimize the balance of your energies, promoting good health. They are pain relieving, deliver improved energy levels and less fatigue, bringing more clarity with an enhanced mood. The products will help with an easier recovery from difficult situations and have many other benefits brought by hundreds of testimonials such as:

Energy increase - better mood - healing many types of body pains - healing animals - vitalizing drinks and food - relieving headaches and much more...

The OSENS helps by interacting positively with the "polluting" vibes that are around us daily, like mobile phones,WI-FI, computers, televisions, microwaves… and is also helping releasing the blocked energies that are within us.


We live in a world of vibrations that are all interconnected, some of them might interfere with our energy flow, and when disturbed, human organs are also affected, and we tend to become sick. The OSENS will correct these negative energies around and within us, therefore enhancing the healing process at all levels.



Our technology keeps being tested and has proven its benefits to many different people for diverse specific reasons:

  • By wearing all day your medallion on the heart chakra, we have received lots of amazing testimonials such as feeling much happier, more vibrant, accessing with ease states of deep relaxation, promoting amazing healings at all levels... and the list is long and our testimonial page is here to give you all the tips! 

  • You can place your OSENS under your pillow to improve the quality of your sleep or leave it overnight on a specific pain. Yet, for some people it might provide too much energy and cause insomnia and you have to adapt yourself.

  • You can sit and put one disc on each hand, signs facing the skin, and reboost your energy for 5 minutes through your hand chakras. You can also apply the same technique with a disc under each foot.

  • OSENS will vitalize your water and bonify your wine (it will become less sour and acidic, 99% results guaranteed after 15 min).

  • The OSENS can improve the growth of vegetables, keep flowers alive longer whilst being under the bucket, signs facing the water

  • As much as it helps healing yourself, you can use the discs to relief pains from others (refer to the instructions of use provided in the packaging).


In the case of human burn for example, the usual vibrational rate of the skin tissue is altered due to the damage and can cause severe suffering. Placing the OSENS above the burn will help the skin to return to its original vibrational rate, relieving the pain and easing recovery.



Inspired and built-in from numerous scientific, spiritual and philosophical life paradigms, it has an impact on its target: Yourself, another person, an animal, a drink, a place etc.….

The superposition of the different symbol printed in specific layers are making this stunning and powerful object workable with us and our environment,  

The OSENS technology is based on advanced principles combining:

- Quantum Mechanics

- Waves, geometric shapes and genesis

- Creation of vital energy

- Proven alchemy

- Innovative research on life flows and its spinning movement

- Colors and passing lights 




Introduction to the different parts of this GLOBAL mechanic of the invisible, non tangible....

(The goal is not to offer you a course covering the studies of hundreds of years in one page, but to talk about the different Planes and connections interrelated between us and the world around us)


According to our research, and to understand what the different “parts” of our invisible mechanic are, we must consider and acknowledge a few things:


  • In every one of us, there is “The Source” … think about a light or a flame that animates every single human being. This Source is connected to different planes around itself and these planes are also connected within one another. These planes are allowing the Source to “center” itself.

There are 4 planes that we will describe below.

  • Every Plane emits a field (radiancy) that interacts with every living beings. All the Planes together are generating a main field of Existence and consciousness that we call: “The Flow of Life”

  • Every Plane is in a Space and Time that are different. More precisely, every Plane is in one Space ruled by specific laws, but the only Time that rules them is the Present.

Past and Future are only existing in our realities by a shift of Times between the Planes.


Presentation of the four different Planes:


1. The plane of the Senses:

It is where you subconsciously connect with any information, and it becomes a memory that feeds a knowhow and a conscience. It is where we write our stories with the deep Senses of our life. Unfortunately, for numerous reasons we can write bad pages in our life story and they can generate unbalanced messages. This plane is associated to a field we call the “the transformational field”. It is a field that transforms your past towards the potentials of a future Present….

It works in a way that we must “digest” any experiences, “accepting” positive or negative emotions lived in a certain situation in order to “evolve”. If it doesn’t go this way, it creates blockages or perturbations.

Fortunately, we have the capacity of “retro-causality”, which means to update our emotions associated with a past situation to be in accordance with who we are in the Now.


2. The Vibrational Plane:

It is the headquarter of our Vibes, vehicles of our moving messages. This Plane is associated with the “possibility field”. It is here that we flip over a situation over and over to perfect it in order to find coherence with our Senses. Exiting this plane, the Vibes are generating geometries that are auto-similar and will allow to structure/frame and rule the matter, into the following Plane.


3. The Energetic Plane:

This Plane is the operator of the Vibes. It is the first Plane of our incarnated life. The energy is an editing table, where we paste with one another the sequences, and it is where we edit our “film”. This plane is associated to the “synchronicity field” and it creates our future that will edify our carnal body.


4. The Plane of the Matter:

This plane is the projected screen and is associated with our “emotional field”. At this stage, you can’t interact in your “film” in the right now, however you are free to perceive the situation you want it with its associated emotions.

The issue is that we often not accept what's happening and we are looking at remaking the film… and it brings us back to the Energetic Plane, therefore to stress, extra production of energy and difficulties to evacuate. It is obviously at the origin of lots of health issues.

"The true choice would be to accept the situation and its emotions, so that the process of “transformation” can operate (in the Plane of the Senses). But to do so, we should admit on the 4 planes that apparent passivity in the “realm of the matter” (our reality), doesn’t mean passivity on other planes. It would be the opposite and would benefit our “Flow of Life”


Our health is linked to our individual and collective dynamic of all this quantic mechanic, and fundamentally, to the sense of rotation of our main field of existence the “Flow of Life”:


  • A clockwise rotation acts positively on our well-being and health, activating the processes of centering, cleaning, auto-healing and protecting.

  • A counter clockwise rotation creates degraded feelings that could go from stress to dis-eases, through compensation, deconstruction, modification and pain that could be well anchored.


To sum up:

The OSENS technology constantly interacts with these four planes and helps centering our Flow of Life, amplifying our energetic field, promoting emotional, physical and behavioral balance.

It isn't possible to upload negative vibrations to the The OSENS technology.

The OSENS technology is missioned to “recall” all these Planes and their connections for a better and stronger dynamic, to re-center the light and put in action with its own intimate strength of healing and protection in the wholeness of the being.


The OSENS technology can’t realize any other missions, and even less to “execute or transmit” a negative thought.

You can put it under cold water to clean it.

The OSENS products are not medical devices and are not meant to be used to diagnose, to treat, or to prevent any other condition of diseases that are defined by traditional medicine.

In no way can the OSENS products act as a substitute to a medical treatment.

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